Sarah Chiles, executive director of the Redlich Horwitz Foundation, spoke at the CHAMPS 2018 Kick-off event on January 31, 2018, and announced the foundation’s support in bringing CHAMPS to New York. Ms. Chiles described the Redlich Horwitz Foundation’s laser focus on striving for a high-performing foster care system in New York, and spoke about the value of public-private partnerships and the role of advocacy in achieving positive results for children and families. Ms. Chiles spoke about the need to prioritize policies to ensure effective recruitment, support, and retention of foster parents, noting that foster parents are the most important intervention for children in foster care.  Through the New York CHAMPS campaign, the foundation is supporting a coalition of advocacy organizations to advance policies that will ensure more children have stability and permanency and every opportunity to thrive.

Ms. Chiles slides are available here. Redlich Horwitz – NY CHAMPS




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