CHAMPS is a national campaign to spur policy improvements nationally and in states to ensure children and youth in foster care experience the highest quality parenting. CHAMPS is led by a coalition of partners of researchers, advocates, pediatricians, faith-based leaders, foster parents, youth, service providers and others.

CHAMPS offers a policy playbook and related tools to help improve efforts to recruit, retain and support stable foster parenting.

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All aspects of CHAMPS are grounded in research that shows loving, supportive families – whether birth, kin, foster or adoptive – are critical to the healthy development of all children. CHAMPS draws on powerful insight from child and adolescent development research that underscores the importance of family in child well-being. Our policy playbook and related policy tools reflect the growing knowledge base of effective practices generated by system reform efforts such as the Quality Parenting Initiative as well as lessons learned from the experience of public and private agencies that have been innovating and developing solutions. Importantly, the CHAMPS policy goals align with what foster parents and youth say is needed to help children in foster care heal and thrive.

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To learn more about CHAMPS, please explore our website and check out this PowerPoint for a campaign overview.  Also please visit our “Get Involved” section for ways you can help CHAMPS achieve its goal of ensuring bright futures for kids in foster care. Contact us to learn how your state can join CHAMPS at info@fosteringchamps.org.

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We invite you to get involved in CHAMPS and be part of building bright futures for kids in foster care.

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CHAMPS is an exciting new policy campaign with dozens of partner organizations working together to highlight the vital importance of foster parents to the health and well-being of children in foster care. Check out what’s going on nationally and in the states.