Foster Family Appreciation Tools and Resources


We are so pleased you are visiting this web page. We hope you will join CHAMPS in May and throughout the year in expressing appreciation to the amazing foster parents across the country who step in to provide a safe, stable families for children in foster care. On this page, you can check out many ways to say thanks to foster parents for all they do to help children and families heal and thrive. They are valued members of every community and it’s our honor to acknowledge them for all they do. And please visit again. In the coming days, we will be adding new information and tools, including a new social media toolkit, sample letters to send to policymakers and more.

foster family Stories

We need your help. CHAMPS is collecting stories of amazing foster families as part of a national effort to recognize and thank families for all they do to help children and families heal and thrive. In May, we’ll launch a special section of our website to feature stories of foster families from around the country. Right now, we hope you’ll help collect stories of foster families. You can help if you’re a foster parent, an alumni of foster care or someone who knows and/or cares about foster parents. Please take a couple of minutes to help by filling out this online form. You can also learn more from this guide on how to share foster family stories.

Many Ways to say thanks

See this list of ideas for ways that child welfare agencies, legislators and other community-based organizations can show support for foster parents in their communities. Ideas include:

  • Issue a proclamation to recognize foster parents for their many contribution, see sample proclamation
  • Public agencies and/or civic organizations can host a special event to recognize the contribution of foster families.
  • Send thank you notes to foster families.
  • Share success stories of foster families.

See full list of ideas here.


Each year, Congress passes a Congressional resolution to designate May as National Foster Care Month.  This same resolution establishes May 31 as National Foster Family Appreciation Day.  What better time is there to show thanks? One important — and official — way state and local leaders can show support for foster parents is by issuing a proclamation. We provide a sample proclamation here. It includes phrases such as:

WHEREAS, children are key to our community’s future success, prosperity and quality of life; and

WHEREAS, children have a right to thrive, learn and grow in a safe and loving environment; and

WHEREAS, foster parents, including kinship caregivers, provide the love, safety and stability that children need in order to overcome past traumatic experiences in order to reach their full potential; and …..

Download the sample proclamation here.

Join Us on social media

Coming soon: a new social media toolkit to help spread foster parent appreciation message on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. In addition to a Tweetstorm on May 31 (National Foster Family Appreciation Day) the toolkit will feature sample messages you can use or adapt. Follow and join in the conversation #ThanksFosterParents. Is there a special event for foster parents in your community? Highlight it in your posts. Say a word of thanks to a foster parent you know. Tag that person in your posts. Below are some sample posts to get you started.  Again, come back soon for a copy of the new social media toolkit.

All kids do best in families. We join in celebrating all amazing families: birth, foster, kin, adoptive. #ThanksFosterParents

We salute public officials, community orgs & businesses that support foster parents. By helping foster parents, we help kids succeed.  #ThanksFosterParents

appreciation Events We’re excited about

See the CHAMPS Blog for posts about how states and communities are celebrating foster parents. For example, read about Alaska’s Governor Bill Walker issuing a proclamation in early May encouraging “All Alaskans to recognize and celebrate foster parents in their communities and to consider whether they can help care for some of the most vulnerable members of our society by becoming a foster parent.”

may is national foster care month

The Children’s Bureau, within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services publishes a wide range of resources related to National Foster Care Month on a dedicated website. There are many wonderful “real life” stories shared through narrative and video. There are also resources for birth parents, youth and professionals, as well as many resources geared for foster parents, available here, such as tip sheets and guides.

champs policy goals

The primary goal of CHAMPS is to improve foster parenting policies in states and nationally. CHAMPS provides information and tools to assist policy makers.

connect with champs

CHAMPS will continue to promote foster parent appreciation and publicize the exciting ways that communities are recognizing amazing foster families around the country.

Sign the Pledge

Sign the pledge to show your support for today’s amazing foster parents and the importance of quality foster parenting.

Get Involved

We invite you to get involved in CHAMPS and be part of building bright futures for kids in foster care.