CHAMPS brings together research,policy expertise & advocacy to create brighter futures for children in foster care.

  • A national steering committee that serves as the leadership hub of the campaign and is comprised of eight organizations representing key stakeholder groups such as youth, families, service providers, and faith-based partners
  • A national research partner, the Brookings Institution, contributes its research expertise and services as the campaign’s primary convener, hosting round tables and other events to engage leaders in campaign activities
  • A child welfare leaders’ advisory group that advises CHAMPS and helps spread the word about solutions for strengthening foster parenting policies and programs
  • A state legislative advisory group, comprised of state legislators – many of whom have personal experience as foster parents – who serve as advisors to CHAMPS and champion reform reform efforts in their states and nationally
  • A network of state-based organizations that mobilize and direct state advocacy campaign activities, including public awareness and policy advocacy to spur improvements
  • A network of philanthropic partners that support the state and national campaign, serve as advisors and engage in campaign activities.
  • Staff and consultants serve as support staff to the steering committee and other campaign partners and coordinate all aspects of the campaign’s policy and communication activities.

For a list of campaign partners, see this this overview.

Lead National Partners

A centerpiece of the CHAMPS campaign is its broad-based coalition of national organizations that serve as strategic partners that help shape and plan the campaign’s goals and activities. Lead partner organizations also serve as important liaisons to networks of stakeholders by helping to disseminate information about the campaign and by connecting interested individuals and organizations to the campaign.

Lead State Partners

These organizations lead state-based CHAMPS campaigns to improve child outcomes by strengthening foster parenting policies. Lead organizations work in partnership with state and local organizations, including parent and youth groups, provider organizations, health and social service providers and others.

New York: Schuyler Center for Analysis and Advocacy and Families Together in New York State
Virginia: Virginia Voices for Children
West Virginia: West Virginia Foster, Adoptive & Kinship Parents Network
Vermont: Voices for Vermont’s Children
Ohio: Ohio Children’s Alliance
Georgia: Voices for Georgia’s Children
Oregon: Oregon Foster Parent Association
Maine: Muskie School of Public Service, University of Southern Maine
Maryland: Maryland Resource Parent Association
Colorado: Foster Source
Nebraska: To be announced soon

Funding Partners

CHAMPS is grateful for the generous support of funding partners who support the national and state-based activities of the campaign. They are key partners to the national movement to promote the highest quality parenting for children and youth in foster care.

Research Partner

CHAMPS builds on research that shows loving, supportive families are critical to the healthy development of all children. CHAMPS is grateful to the Brookings Institution, its research partner, for contributing its expertise so that the campaign can utilize evidence-based information to advocate for quality foster parenting.

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CHAMPS is an exciting new policy campaign with dozens of partner organizations working together to highlight the vital importance of foster parents to the health and well-being of children in foster care. Check out what’s going on nationally and in the states.