Child Welfare Leaders Advisory Board

CHAMPS is proud to partner with eight outstanding child welfare agency leaders who are lending their expertise in child welfare innovation. The Child Welfare Agency Advisory Board members work with the campaign’s philanthropic supports, researcher experts, and other partner organizations that advocate on behalf of children and families. Board members:

  • Tim Decker, Director, Missouri Children’s Division, Department of Social Services
  • Jami Ledoux, Director, Child Welfare Services, Oklahoma Department of Human Services
  • Mischa Martin, Director, Arkansas Division of Children and Family Services
  • Greg Rose, Deputy Director, California Department of Social Services
  • Linda Spears, Commissioner, Massachusetts Health and Human Services
  • Marketa Garner Walters, Secretary, Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services
  • Bobby Cagle, Director, Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family
  • Virginia Pryor, Director, Georgia Division of Children and Family Services

Lead National Partners

A centerpiece of the CHAMPS campaign is its broad-based coalition of national organizations that serve as strategic partners that help shape and plan the campaign’s goals and activities. Lead partner organizations also serve as important liaisons to networks of stakeholders by helping to disseminate information about the campaign and by connecting interested individuals and organizations to the campaign.

Lead State Partners

Lead state partners to CHAMPS are state-based organizations selected to serve a leadership role in the campaign by steering policy efforts in their states to promote quality foster parenting. They bring special expertise in understanding key issues affecting children and families in foster care.

Funding Partners

CHAMPS is grateful for the generous support of funding partners who support the national and state-based activities of the campaign. They are key partners to the national movement to promote the highest quality parenting for children and youth in foster care.

Research Partner

CHAMPS builds on research that shows loving, supportive families are critical to the healthy development of all children. CHAMPS is grateful to the Brookings Institution, its research partner, for contributing its expertise so that the campaign can utilize evidence-based information to advocate for quality foster parenting.


Champions are individuals and organizations that show their support for CHAMPS goals by signing the CHAMPS pledge to show their support for the campaign’s goal of promoting the highest quality foster parenting for children and youth in foster care.

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