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CHAMPS is a national campaign to ensure bright futures for kids in foster care by promoting the highest quality parenting. CHAMPS is stronger when more individuals and organizations join in the effort to ensure children and youth receive the parenting that is key to helping them heal, grow and thrive. We invite you to get involved in CHAMPS and be part of building bright futures for kids in foster care. Sign the Pledge. Like Us on Facebook.

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Sign the CHAMPS pledge to show your support for the importance of quality foster parenting in helping children heal, grow and thrive. Organizations that sign the pledge will be listed as ‘supporting organizations’ on the CHAMPS website.

Spread the Word

Visit this section for flyers, postcards, sample tweets and images for sharing on social media. Be sure to link back to

Advocate for Families

Coming soon, CHAMPS will invite you to join us in calling for action by signing an open letter to your governor about the need to advance policies that will ensure all children in foster care have quality foster parenting.

Share Your Point of View

Coming soon, CHAMPS will invite interested individuals and organizations to share their perspectives through the campaign’s story log of video and blog postings. In the coming weeks, we will provide a toolkit to guide you in sharing stories and experiences about how quality parenting can improve the lives of children and youth.

Use the CHAMPS Policy Playbook in your advocacy

The Playbook is grounded in evidence and provides policy examples that, when implemented, will pave the way for transformational change for children, families and child welfare systems. Issue experts, including parents and youth with personal experience in foster care, helped develop the Playbook’s recommendations. See here for the Playbook. 

Be Inspired

Watch — and share — these inspiring videos from great foster parents and from young people who’ve experienced foster care as they talk about the importance of quality foster parenting.

What People are Saying

Foster parents can be absolute game-changers in children’s lives. Amazing foster parents are out there, and if we can help share their challenges and triumphs and convince people to join them we can really do something special here.

Jeremy Kohomban,
President and CEO,
The Children’s Village

Foster parents that are supported, resourced, and respected as a vital team member have a much better chance of being GREAT foster parents… and every child in foster care deserves a great foster parent.

Jason Weber,
National Director of Foster Care Initiatives,
Christian Alliance for Orphans

Children in foster care deserve the best parents possible! We’re excited to be working to achieve a system where the public agency partners with foster parents to ensure children have caring, trained, supported foster parents if they have to enter foster care.

Mary Boo,
Executive Director,
North American Council on Adoptable Children

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CHAMPS is an exciting new policy campaign with dozens of partner organizations working together to highlight the vital importance of foster parents to the health and well-being of children in foster care. Check out what’s going on nationally and in the states.