Letter from Foster and Kinship Families to Congress re COVID Pandemic

Nearly forty state-based organizations of foster and kinship families write to Congress to highlight the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on foster and kin families and the children they are caring for.

Pandemic EBT Program: What Foster Families Should Know

The P-EBT was passed by Congress to provide temporary food resources for all families with children who receive free or reduced lunch. Children and youth in foster care are categorically eligible for free lunches. Learn more about this benefit in your state.

CHAMPS Point of View on the Family First Transition Act

In December 2019, Congress enacted the Family First Transition Act, which provides $500 million in federal funds to help child welfare agencies implement the Family First Act. This new CHAMPS brief urges agencies to devote at least 50 percent of the transition grant funds in support of strengthening family-based care.

CHAMPS Guide on Foster Parent Recruitment and Retention

This new guide can assist child welfare agencies in planning and implementing best practices in foster parent recruitment, development and support. It features six key drivers for driving better results and offers specific strategies for achieving and sustaining excellence in foster parenting.

Foster Parents from Around the Country Speak Out

This video features foster parents from across the country sharing their insights about how the CHAMPS policy goals can strengthen and support foster parenting.

New Federal Policy on Foster Family Home Licensing

On February 4, 2019, the U.S. Children’s Bureau issued its final policy creating a new National Model for Family Foster Home Licensing Standards. State and Tribal child welfare agencies must align their licensing standards with the new National Model.

Newly Released Second Edition Playbook CHAMPS

The CHAMPS policy playbook is grounded in research and draws on best practice examples, such as those generated by the Quality Parenting Initiative. The playbook offers recommended policy approaches as well as examples of existing policies. We hope policy makers use the playbook as a resource to strengthen foster parenting policies and programs. Click below to visit our online policy playbook.

CHAMPS Policy Priorities

The CHAMPS policy playbook features six policy goals: (1) Support relationships between birth and foster families, (2) Implement data-driven recruitment and retention practices, (3) Engage foster parents in decision-making (4) Provide timely access to trusted, dedicated staff and peer support to foster parents, (5) Prioritize placements with family members and other family connections, and (6) Ensure timely access to physical and mental health services.

The CHAMPS Pledge

Sign the pledge to show your support for today’s amazing foster parents and the importance of quality foster parenting.

Research Supporting CHAMPS

All aspects of the CHAMPS campaign draws on an abundance of research that points to the vital importance of stable, caring families in promoting child well-being. See here for highlights of research that support the policy goals outlined in the CHAMPS playbook.

Watch and Share the CHAMPS Video

Learn more about our national campaign to ensure every child in foster care has a bright future–CHAMPS.


A video about CHAMPS in Spanish

CHAMPS New York Unveils Its Policy Priorities

Advocates, legislators, providers, and youth from across the state were on hand as CHAMPS NY was unveiled on May 30, 2018 at the Capitol in Albany.

Celebrate Foster Parents All Year Round

Being recognized as a valued partner is important to most foster parents. The CHAMPS campaign provides an array of tools to help child welfare agencies and community partners show their appreciation of foster parents in their community. A check list of ideas and examples of how other states and communities are taking action is available here.

National Conference of State Legislatures Highlights Foster Parents

The March 2018 edition of NCSL’s monthly magazine features legislative examples that support quality foster parents by making sure foster parents get timely access to the supports and services they need to provide top-notch care.

A Message from the CHAMPS Co-Chairs

A key focus of CHAMPS is to promote state policy changes that lead to better supports for foster parents so they can provide amazing foster parenting. See this message from CHAMPS co-chairs.

What is CHAMPS?

CHAMPS is a national campaign to ensure bright futures for kids in foster care by promoting the highest quality parenting.

CHAMPS builds on research that shows loving, supportive families – whether birth, kin, foster or adoptive – are critical to the healthy development of all children. CHAMPS aims to spur policy reforms in 20 to 25 states over five years to prioritize quality foster parenting and ensure that foster parents are equipped with the training and support they need to help children heal, grow and flourish.

CHAMPS calls on policy makers to create a new partnership between foster parents and the public agencies responsible for foster care.  By improving supports to families and understanding the vital importance of parenting, policy makers can help children achieve better outcomes in health, development, education and permanency.

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CHAMPS Policy Playbook

The Playbook serves as an idea bank of policy approaches to guide to state-level reform efforts.

The Policy Playbook is grounded in evidence and provides policy examples that, when implemented, will pave the way for transformational change for children, families and child welfare systems. The Playbook focuses on policies that promote (1) quality caregiving, (2) parents as partners in decision-making, and (3) quality assurance to help agencies maintain a priority focus on foster parenting.

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CHAMPS Resources

Find national and state-specific resources about quality foster parenting and its benefits for children.

This resource section contains a variety of materials, including policy and research reports, news articles, event information, videos, fact sheets and more.  If you know about resources that should be included, please send them to us at info@fosteringchamps.org

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Foster parents can be absolute game-changers in children’s lives. Amazing foster parents are out there, and if we can help share their challenges and triumphs and convince people to join them we can really do something special here.

Jeremy Kohomban,
President and CEO,
The Children’s Village

Policy Playbook

CHAMPS promotes policies that encourage and support quality foster parenting so more children will be safe and healthy, experience greater academic success, build healthy relationships, and leave foster care to join permanent families. The playbook showcases research-based policy recommendations and examples that aim to inform and inspire ongoing state and tribal efforts to improve the lives of children in foster care. These playbook is organized around the CHAMPS six priority policy goals.

The six policy goals include:

  • Support relationships between birth and foster families
  • Implement data-driven recruitment and retention practices
  • Engage foster parents in decision making
  • Provide timely access to trusted, dedicated staff and peer support to foster parents
  • Prioritize placements with family members and other family connections
  • Ensure timely access to physical and mental health services

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Policy Playbook Graphic
Policy Playbook Graphic

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