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CHAMPS - Children Need Amazing Parents

CHAMPS is a national campaign to ensure bright futures for kids in foster care by promoting the highest quality parenting. CHAMPS builds on research that shows loving, supportive families – whether birth, kin, foster or adoptive – are critical to the healthy development of all children. CHAMPS aims to spur policy reforms in 20 to 25 states over five years to prioritize quality foster parenting and ensure that foster parents are equipped with the training and support they need to be the best they can.

Policy Framework

The CHAMPS Policy Framework will serve as a guide to state-level policy reform efforts. The Policy Framework is under development by the campaign’s policy workgroup, which includes representatives from the campaign’s lead partner organizations and other issue experts. This document previews the framework, briefly describes the campaign’s focus areas and provides several policy examples that align with the goals of CHAMPS. A more complete Policy Framework will be published in the coming weeks. In addition, the CHAMPS campaign will identify and develop model policies and highlight examples of pending or enacted state policies that promote quality foster parenting.

Today’s foster parents are the child welfare system’s primary intervention for children removed from home.

Tracey Feild, Director of the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s Child Welfare Strategy Group

How to Get Involved

Join us today! CHAMPS is a national campaign to ensure bright futures for kids in foster care by promoting the highest quality parenting. CHAMPS is stronger when more individuals and organizations join in the effort to ensure children and youth receive the parenting that is key to helping them heal, grow and thrive. We invite you to get involved in CHAMPS and be part of building bright futures for kids in foster care.

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about CHAMPS. Check out the CHAMPS communications toolkit for sample messages to share with your networks, including social media posts, newsletter message and social media images.

Become a CHAMP.

Sign the CHAMPS pledge to show your support for the importance of quality foster parenting in helping children heal, grow and thrive. Organizations that sign the pledge will be listed as ‘supporting organizations’ on the CHAMPS website.

Be inspired.

Watch — and share — these inspiring videos from great foster parents and from young people who’ve experienced foster care as they talk about the importance of quality foster parenting.

Advocate for familes.

Coming soon, CHAMPS will invite you to join us in calling for action by signing an open letter to governors about the need to advance policies that will ensure all children in foster care have quality foster parenting.

When I was with my grandmother in foster care, she knew a lot more about what was going on than my social worker ever did. She was there when I was acting out, when I didn’t want to talk to anyone. She even knew stuff I didn’t want her to know.

Young Adult Formerly in Foster Care

Lead Partners

A centerpiece of the CHAMPS campaign is its broad-based coalition comprised of six leading organizations that serve as strategic partners who help shape and plan the campaign’s goals and activities. Lead partner organizations also serve as important liaisons to networks of key stakeholders by helping to disseminate information about the campaign and by connecting interested individuals and organizations to the campaign.

North American Council on Adoptable Children (NACAC) 
is the campaign’s lead partner to the network of foster parents. NACAC promotes and supports permanent families for children and youth in the U.S. and Canada—especially children and youth who are or have been in foster care and those with special needs. See NACAC’s website for more information.


Fosterclub is the campaign’s lead partner to the network of youth and young adults with foster care experience. FosterClub leads the efforts of young people in and from foster care to become connected, educated, inspired and represented so they can realize their personal potential and contribute to a better life for their peers. See FosterClub’s website for more information.


The Children’s Village is the campaign’s lead partner to the network of private agencies that serve children and families involved in child welfare. Jeremy Kohomban, President and CEO of the Children’s Village, serves as co-chair of the campaign’s coalition. Children’s Village partners with families to help society’s most vulnerable children so that they become educationally proficient, economically productive, and socially responsible members of their communities.


American Academy of Pediatrics is the campaign’s lead partner to the network of health care providers who serve children and families involved in foster care. The American Academy of Pediatrics is a non-profit professional organization of 66,000 primary care pediatricians, pediatric medical sub-specialists, and pediatric surgical specialists dedicated to the health, safety and well-being of infants, children, adolescents, and young adults. See the Academy’s website for more information.


Youth Law Center is the campaign’s lead partner to the network of children’s advocacy organizations. Jennifer Rodriguez, Executive Director of Youth Law Center, serves as co-chair of the campaign’s coalition. The Youth Law Center is a public interest law firm that works to protect children in the nation’s foster care and justice systems from abuse and neglect, and to ensure that they receive the necessary support and services to become healthy and productive adults.


Christian Alliance for Orphans (CAFO) is the campaign’s lead partner to the network of faith-based communities. CAFO leads a movement that is a collaborative effort of individuals, churches and organizations worldwide. See the CAFO’s website for more information.

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Funding Partners

We are grateful for the generous support of the campaign’s funding partners.

Annie E. Casey Foundation


Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption


GA Department of Human Services


Conrad N. Hilton Foundation


The Redlich Horwitz Foundation


Research Partner

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Foster parents can be absolute game-changers in children’s lives. Amazing foster parents are out there, and if we can help share their challenges and triumphs and convince people to join them we can really do something special here.

Jeremy Kohomban, President and CEO, The Children’s Village