“Retention is often an under-acknowledged part of finding quality foster parents.” – Denise Goodman

One of the nation’s leading experts on foster parenting shares key insights about what it takes to recruit and retain amazing foster parents. In this recent interview with the Chronicle of Social Change, she shares her views on how recruiting has changed over the years and offers “top 10 tips” for excellent recruitment.  The full article is available here.  Her top 10 tips include:

  1. We have great kids…promote them!
  2. It’s about the prospective family, not you
  3. R.E.S.P.E.C.T for the prospective family and their situation
  4. Practice screening in…not weeding out
  5. It takes time…recruitment is still in progress
  6. No question is stupid
  7. This is not “Dragnet” or “Law and Order.”  “Conversate,” don’t interrogate
  8. Remember the spirit of giving, not getting
  9. Training, orientation and family evaluation are supports/preparation for the resource family
  10. Your attitude makes all the difference


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