In conjunction with National Foster Care Month, the CHAMPS campaign conducted a state policy analysis and found that 13 states advanced 20 new laws or governor actions to improve foster parenting policies for the future, and another 17 bills are under consideration.  See the Champs State Policy Update to learn more.

To learn more about the CHAMPS campaign’s six policy goals, please check out our policy playbookAlso see our one-page policy primers on each of the campaign’s six policy goals:

  1. Support Relationships between Birth and Foster Families, policy primer
  2. Implement Data-Driven Recruitment and Retention Practices, policy primer
  3. Engage Foster Parents in Decision-Making, policy primer
  4. Provide Timely Access to Trusted, Dedicated Staff and Peer Support, policy primer
  5. Prioritize Placements with Family Members and Other Family Connections, policy primer
  6. Ensure Timely Access to Physical and Mental Health Services, policy primer

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