As a pediatrician who has cared for many children who have experienced abuse or neglect, I know that the single most important factor in their healing is the love and support of a trusted adult. For children who have had to be removed from their parents, foster parents can have a tremendous therapeutic effect. With one of the most difficult but most rewarding jobs in the world, foster parents have the power to help a traumatized child heal, making a difference that can last a lifetime.”  Sarah H. Springer, MD, FAAP.

Don’t miss this beautiful and moving blog post by Dr. Sarah Springer, a pediatrician who describes the transformative role that foster parents, the heart of the child welfare system, can play in a child’s life in a new Voices blog post, sponsored by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Health providers can help ensure they get support and training to create healthy home environments for kids to recover from trauma and neglect and, ultimately, thrive.

CHAMPS is proud to partner with the American Academy of Pediatrics. Go to AAP’s “Voices” blog at this link to read the blog by Dr. Springer.

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